Niina Jumppanen Arnold Strongwoman World Championship 2014

My last competition was Arnold Strongwoman World Championship at Arnold Sport Festival, in Columbus, Ohio, on February 28th.

I compete in the open division, because I could never make myself go under 68kg. I ended my earlier competition at US Women’s World Championships  3 months ago in the 4th place.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to compete at Arnold’s. This competition for women was organized for the first time at Arnold’s and I was the only athlete from Finland in my division. In three other divisions there were 3 other Finnish athletes besides me. I had 13 girls to beat -wasn’t scared of losing the game but I couldn’t expect any heroic feats either.

This was my first journey to the United Stated and it was worth it. I really enjoyed it. The competition was well organized. Schedules were on time with all the events and over 90 competitors. All athletes were really tough and strong women and men. Even though I broke some of my personal records, I couldn’t reach the top. But I performed well in some events and I can be happy about that. At farmer’s walk 2 x 100kg, I did well and finished 5th. In deadlift medley I also gave it my all and I enjoyed doing the event, even though I thought the weight was too easy. I had been training deadlift with heavier weight. ( You can see my earlier training video on Pro-Am’s web page). Although my coach  gave me good advice, I made some small mistakes, which bother me. Without those mistakes my final placement could have been better. In the final scores I was 7th. It was only 2 points from top four final. I will never make those mistakes again.

Now I am looking forward to the next competition. ”I’ll be back”



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