Arnold Strongwoman World Championship 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

Niina Jumppanen
What happened to me in MWW (140-180 lbs) serie.

My morning weight had been just few pounds under maximum limit. So missing Wednesday evening last flight to Columbus and 2 hours night sleep in Chicago, straight from aerport to the weight in was not so bad. I made myself 2 puonds under limit. Bad thing was only lack of sleeping.
Thursday evening we went together with other Finnish competitors and my coach WSM Janne Virtanen to the rules meeting. I felt good, these things I had been done several times in many years. Dumbells and yokes looked good. In MWW were totally 15 strong women all over the world.

In Friday morning I felt good. Too good? My legs hadn’t felt so light, fast and strong for many months. I tought I finally knew what I need to eat and do before competition.
Competition started 9 am. First event dumbell press was ok, actually it was easier than I tought. The weight supposed to be 45kilos, but it felt like 35kilos. It needed to do reps as fast as possible. I had trained to do my maximum 45kilos.. I made 6 reps, I wasn’t the last one. But better events were coming.
Yoke went as well as I could do. I knew that I cannot be the fastest, but I was little better than I had tought.

Farmers 2 x 86kilos. This I have been done over ten years. I got good start and I was leading my group. But 5 meters before line, my hand slipped out of handels. I picked farmers quicly and those dropped again out of my hands in end line and I got 2 seconds penalty about slipping. Sad so sad! Even that I f###d it, I was 5th in farmers. There were only 3 points to finals, my gold.

I love deadlift. Lucky me that was last event. We got 60 seconds time limit 2 reps with 170kg bar and as many as possible reps with 170 axelbar. I guess I was only lady who did reps wit axel without straps. I had made 5 reps with axel and had 20 seconds time left. I picked axel again and it started to feel heavy. I looked the referee Egil Berli-Johnsen and tried to turn my shoulders back and the same time I felt how the fatbar were slipping out of my hands. OMG! I had no time to try again. I was little disappointed to myself, no one else. I had not head advises what Janne jelled to me.

After this long day and four events I was very tired. I even missed the Arnold who were visiting in the hall are. Finally we got scores. I came 5th! Only 1,5 points from top four finals. I felt so sad. It was too close. I wish I didn’t make those stupid mistakes. But those were my mistakes. Even that I have maybe world best coach, lovely sponsors who gave me opportunity to train well and supported me with this long competition trip, I failed. Thank you all. But I got good memories again and as a matter of fact, there were more girls behind me than forward.

// Niina

Niina Jumppanen Arnold Strongwoman World Championship 2015


Midnight Sun Invitational 2014

Midnight Sun Invitational 2014 – 2nd place!

I was invited to strongwoman competition in Norway, Stokke 27th and 28th June beside other Europes strongest women.

First event plane pull was 27th evening at Oslo Torp airport. That aeroplane was 19 000 kg and we had to pull it with harness and rope 17 metres. It was not so heavy as I assumed it to be, actually too easy. I came second in this event.

In second competition day we had medley farmers 2 x 95kg and 315kg tyre flip two times. I won this event. Then we had weight for hight. It was ok and came second. Next event were medley, loading and drag was not so good for me, I was third. Last event 5 atlas stones to 107cm stage. Stones were 50-112kg. It was well done of me and was second.

In total points I was second. I lost 2 points to Englands Strongest Woman Donna Moore. Again I was second. Ok, in this spring I got few winnings also. But best thing of this competition is that I got spot to Arnolds Strongest Woman 2015 to Columbus!

Midnight Sun Invitational 2014


More photos are available on my site and

Photos are taken by Christina Sundby ja Gudni Thor Valthorsson.


Finland’s Strongest Woman 2014

Finland’s Strongest Woman 2014

On Sunday 8th June I was in Finland’s Strongest Woman competition. That was my 9th competition on Finnish Championships, I already got 3 bronzes, 2 silvers and 1 gold. Finland’s Strongest competition was 4 weeks after my last competition Scandinavian Championships.

There was 8 other strong lady to beat. I wanted to win second time this title.

At first event, power stairs were too easy weights, 60 kg and 90 kg. Four girls were close in times and I was the fourth.

Second event, pushing 200 kg wheelbarrow 20 meters. I made it as well as I could, but I lost some parts of second to Hanna who was leading competition.

Third event 80kg sack carry. I decided to win this and I won. I carried 120 meters and it was much farer than others.

In middle of competition Hanna and I were leading competition. I was runner up.

Forth Event 60 kg log lift reps in 75 second. Not good and made only 5 reps, I was fourth.

At this time gold were already far away. I was little disappointed.

Fifth event, 20 000kg house pulling were new event to me. I never believed me to win this even, because there were many bigger and stronger girls from legs than I am. But I won! My coach Janne Virtanen was giving me the best tips how to pull. Thanks to him.

Last event atlas stones without tacky. 3 smallest were 50kg and 2 biggest 80kg. Tiny stones needed to list 140cm-120cm high and heaviest to 110cm and 100cm. I like this event and made it ok. I was second.

In final scores I was second. I lost 2 points for winner. I am disappointed. It were possible to win, it was so close. But, this is sport.

You can see this competition from YLE Areena.

My next competition will be in Norway Midnight Sun Invitational in 27th and 28th June.

Queen of the Castle 2014 Strongwoman Scandinavian Champion at Häme Sport Festival

Friday 9th of May I had hard battle in Hämeenlinna, Finland. There were 8 girls from Finland, Norway and Island, 4 of them were under 70kg series. I competed in open series and all were fighting from same points.  First event was log lift, last woman standing. Start from 50 kg with 5 kg raises. I was not good at this and placing was 4th with another competitor.

Second was deadlift last woman standing. Suits and straps allowed. Start from 150kg with 10kg raises. This was wonderful. To 200kg was so easy to lift. 2 more girls made also 200. Then 210 made one girl beside me. She said she won’t continue. Judge asked did I want 5kg or 10kg. I chose 5 and made easy lift with 215. 🙂

3rd event was medley farmers walk 2 x 85kg and sleg drag, distance about 18m x 2. Farmers went well and drag not bad either. I came second. After 3 events I was 3rd, only 1,5 points from leader.

4th event arm over arm, pulling WW Amarok about 15 m. Even that I made some mistakes I was second again.

5th event tyre lift. Tyre abut 250kg, 6 times lift. Again something bad mistakes, but still I was 2nd. I only wonder what would it be if I trained this event some more!

Last event sack 70kg carry for distance. Unfortunately memory of my camera came full and I cannot show you the hardest part. One round was 36m, three first round were easy. After that I started to take breath after every 18 metres. When I had made 5 rounds, my coach told me to make one more. It was really hard and I almost were quiting, but my 6 year old son came to yell loud near me. ”Don’t give up mom!!!” Also all other audience were yelling. So I took my last power I got and ran last 21 metres. I fell down after carried 219metres. And won this event.

At final scores I was the WINNER of open class and overall! Only 0,5 points from 2nd placing. Hard competition but good one.

My next competition is 8th June Finland’s Strongest Woman, that will come on TV. So more action is coming 😉


Niina Jumppanen Arnold Strongwoman World Championship 2014

My last competition was Arnold Strongwoman World Championship at Arnold Sport Festival, in Columbus, Ohio, on February 28th.

I compete in the open division, because I could never make myself go under 68kg. I ended my earlier competition at US Women’s World Championships  3 months ago in the 4th place.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to compete at Arnold’s. This competition for women was organized for the first time at Arnold’s and I was the only athlete from Finland in my division. In three other divisions there were 3 other Finnish athletes besides me. I had 13 girls to beat -wasn’t scared of losing the game but I couldn’t expect any heroic feats either.

This was my first journey to the United Stated and it was worth it. I really enjoyed it. The competition was well organized. Schedules were on time with all the events and over 90 competitors. All athletes were really tough and strong women and men. Even though I broke some of my personal records, I couldn’t reach the top. But I performed well in some events and I can be happy about that. At farmer’s walk 2 x 100kg, I did well and finished 5th. In deadlift medley I also gave it my all and I enjoyed doing the event, even though I thought the weight was too easy. I had been training deadlift with heavier weight. ( You can see my earlier training video on Pro-Am’s web page). Although my coach  gave me good advice, I made some small mistakes, which bother me. Without those mistakes my final placement could have been better. In the final scores I was 7th. It was only 2 points from top four final. I will never make those mistakes again.

Now I am looking forward to the next competition. ”I’ll be back”