Finland’s Strongest Woman 2014

Finland’s Strongest Woman 2014

On Sunday 8th June I was in Finland’s Strongest Woman competition. That was my 9th competition on Finnish Championships, I already got 3 bronzes, 2 silvers and 1 gold. Finland’s Strongest competition was 4 weeks after my last competition Scandinavian Championships.

There was 8 other strong lady to beat. I wanted to win second time this title.

At first event, power stairs were too easy weights, 60 kg and 90 kg. Four girls were close in times and I was the fourth.

Second event, pushing 200 kg wheelbarrow 20 meters. I made it as well as I could, but I lost some parts of second to Hanna who was leading competition.

Third event 80kg sack carry. I decided to win this and I won. I carried 120 meters and it was much farer than others.

In middle of competition Hanna and I were leading competition. I was runner up.

Forth Event 60 kg log lift reps in 75 second. Not good and made only 5 reps, I was fourth.

At this time gold were already far away. I was little disappointed.

Fifth event, 20 000kg house pulling were new event to me. I never believed me to win this even, because there were many bigger and stronger girls from legs than I am. But I won! My coach Janne Virtanen was giving me the best tips how to pull. Thanks to him.

Last event atlas stones without tacky. 3 smallest were 50kg and 2 biggest 80kg. Tiny stones needed to list 140cm-120cm high and heaviest to 110cm and 100cm. I like this event and made it ok. I was second.

In final scores I was second. I lost 2 points for winner. I am disappointed. It were possible to win, it was so close. But, this is sport.

You can see this competition from YLE Areena.

My next competition will be in Norway Midnight Sun Invitational in 27th and 28th June.


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