Finland’s Strongest Woman 2015

This is sport!

After Arnold Strongwoman World Championship I started to train events for Finnish Champion. Because weights were easier now and I needed to be faster I lost about 2 kg body weight. I trained mainly speed, durability and tecniques.

My only goal for competition was win. If I have had in my mind that I might lost it I wouldn’t have gone there.

First event was pushig over 200kg wheelbarrow 20m. My running with it was not perfect but ok. I came second. Less than 1 sec after the best Kirsi Järvi.

Second event was to pull up 70kg weight. I came second. Now I was leading with Järvi.

Third event was 80kg sack carry for maximun distance. Beginning to 80m it was surprising easy. But in about 100m it felt almost impossible. I needed to carry 110m to get enough points to lead. But I couldn’t. Made little over 108 meters and came third. Järvi was leading again and I was close her behind.

Fourth was pulling the 40 000kg house. It was ok. I was 3rd. And got points enough to lead competition.

Fift was viking press. Push ups never had been my best ones, bu this time I got it ok and was 4th. I still were leading the competition with 0,5 point.

In last event Atlas stones I was doing with Järvi and I needed to be better than her. I trusted myself till the last second when I saw that Kirsi were faster than I was. She put the last stone before me up. My last stone slipped out f my hands. I didn’t want to pick it up again. I didn’t care to compete from 2nd places. I got those enought. So in final points I got as many as Anna Khudayarov, but she got one event winning so I came third.

I guess I don’t need to tell how dissapointed I was. I was. Badly. After this ower month from competition life goes on and I don’t have bad feeling anymore. This is sport. I have got many great moments with strongwoman training and competitions. This was also one of those. With all those tears.

Many thanks to my sponsors Kuntosali Pro-Am and Toimintasali Voimala. Thanks also to my training partners for making hard work fun.


Finland’s Strongest Woman 2015


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